GREYHOUND: Racing Into The Light
The Ancients never considered greyhounds just a dog. Revered by royalty from the Egyptian pharaohs to the kings and queens of England, greyhounds were a favored pet and hunting buddy. Cleopatra VII had a palace full of them. Ancient Arabs considered the birth of a litter of greyhounds second in importance to the birth of a son. A status symbol for medieval England’s ruling class, commoners were forbidden to own greyhounds. The person who killed one soon found his head in a bucket. So elegant their appearance, greyhounds are featured in many classic and Renaissance masterpieces. Given the greyhound’s extraordinary history, it is a rare person indeed who will not be in awe of an animal who looks and moves as if designed by Mercury.

Sadly, however, if not for a greyhound’s likeness on the side of a bus, a great many Americans wouldn’t know a greyhound from a chihuahua. An even greater portion knows nothing of the history or nature of the breed, and only a few know the history and nature of greyhound racing in the U.S. This film will certainly clear that up.

GREYHOUND is the first feature-length documentary film to trace the 4,000-year history of this amazing breed. It will feature the activities and commentary of greyhound breeders and trainers, animal scientists and psychologists, kennel and track owners, animal protection organizations’ leaders, veterinarians, racing association officials, greyhound adoption group leaders and volunteers, owners of retired racing greyhounds, state racing commission officials, dog racing fans, professional gamblers, and individuals and organizations opposed to dog racing and those that are not.

Our Purpose: To inform, Not to Judge
As an ethical documentary film director, Bill Buchanan's role is not to judge the dog racing industry or those who either oppose or support it. Rather, it is to reveal that world as objectively and as visually as possible. Racing greyhound officials, owners, breeders, trainers, track and kennel owners and their public relations agency continue to argue amongst themselves about how to change the public’s generally negative perception of their industry. GREYHOUND should help further motivate those within the industry to weed out and keep out its bad actors and address the issues for which they are universally criticized.

Whether their opinions on greyhound racing are affirmed, newly created or debunked by GREYHOUND, audiences will gain an appreciation and respect for an animal whose gentleness, beauty, and breathtaking athleticism must be seen to be believed.

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