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By producing GREYHOUND, we hope to create an objective, non-judgmental overview of the greyhound racing industry that will spur a rational dialog, fuel changes to ensure the wellbeing of the dogs, and establish mandates for a new standard of safety and responsibility here in America.

With little financial assistance from the dog racing industry, greyhound adoption agencies and their volunteers are overwhelmed by the many thousands of racing greyhounds forced into retirement every year to make way for younger and faster dogs. The future of those that cannot be taken in by already-full adoption agencies is a hot dose of sodium pentobarbital if they’re lucky, a bullet in the head if they’re not, or perhaps worse, caged and cut up in a biomedical research lab or vet school. What heartless expressions of appreciation to dogs that ran their hearts out on the racetrack, asking for and getting nothing in return. Achieving 100% adoption is a major goal for all concerned—but one that hinges on increased awareness within the general public.

With the buzz that GREYHOUND is sure to generate upon its release, our hope is that the phones at adoption agencies across the U.S. will be ringing off their hooks with calls from people wanting to rescue one or more of these elegant, affectionate athletes. Perhaps then every greyhound will eventually find itself curled up on a couch, enjoying life and love in its forever home.

We continue to apply for grants to help us complete the film. Sadly, however, we have found that many foundations whose fields of interest include animal welfare/protection apparently do not believe racing greyhounds are worthy of their support. Therefore we are relying on donations from all those who are interested in this issue: greyhound adoption groups and volunteers, greyhound owners, companion animal advocates, dog rescuers, and animal protection/welfare, animal shelter and humane organizations. If animals are important to you in any way, your voice needs to be heard.

Please! Support the project by sharing the link to this site and making it go viral! Add your voice to the buzz! And help underwrite our production so that we can get this film onto theater and TV screens across the country and around the world.

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