Informative Links
To make certain GREYHOUND examines every relevant aspect of this complex story in depth, advice will be sought from well-
informed leaders on both sides of the controversy.

The links below will connect you with a variety of interest groups and organizations that are involved with greyhounds. Some are pro-racing, others oppose it.

American Greyhounds
American Greyhound Council
American Greyhound Track Operators Association
Animal Law
Animal Liberation Front
Animal Rights Quotes
Clear the Way Kennels
End Tucson Greyhound Racing
Grey2K USA
Greyhound Hall of Fame

The Greyhound Project
Greyhound Network News
Greyhound Protection League
Humane Society of the U.S.
Idaho Cage
National Greyhound Adoption Program
National Animal Interest Alliance
National Greyhound Association
Night at the Dogs
Texas Greyhound Association
United Greyhound Racing


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