Bill Buchanan: Producer, Director, Editor
With over 35 years in the film business as a producer, director, cameraman and editor, Bill brings considerable creative and technical experience to this project - plus a devotion to the breed spurred by his adoption of former racing greyhounds Zephyr and Jett. In addition to producing and directing TV commercials and corporate films for clients nationwide, Bill produced, directed, photographed and edited the feature-length documentary film, Companions to None, (please visit which aired in the U.S. on PBS, and in all Latin countries via Latin American PayTV. Among its accolades, Companions to None was nominated in 2009 for a Genesis Award, won Best Feature Film for Animal Advocacy at the Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood and the Humanitarian Award at the Lone Star International Film Festival in Fort Worth, Texas.

Margie Bowles: Scriptwriter
Margie Bowles is president and creative director of 1400 Words, a Dallas-based marketing communications agency whose sole focus is the written word. Over the years, Margie has created award-winning messaging in all of today’s business media - from advertising and corporate communications to compelling interactive multimedia and film scripts - including the heart-tugging, documentary-style fundraising video for the international spay/neuter organization, Saving Animals Across Borders. Her professional accolades include nods from such prestigious organizations as Communication Arts magazine, the International Advertising Festival of New York and the National Advertising and Marketing Association among others. She and her husband Ted are incurable dog lovers and have given numerous lost and wounded dogs a new life on their small farm near downtown Dallas.

Nigel McGregor: Cinematographer
Nigel has filmed news, features, sports and/or documentaries for CNN, ESPN, the NFL, FOX News, Dr. Phil, Spike TV and Entertainment Tonight. From 2004 to 2009, working for the Dallas bureau of New york-based HD News, he co-produced and filmed events including the tsunami relief efforts in India/Indonesia, Pope John Paul II’s funeral in Rome and hurricanes Rita, Ike, and Katrina.

David Daniel: Sound Recordist
David is one of the top sound mixer/recordists in the Southwest. Since 1979, he has recorded location and studio sound for feature films, television series, corporate films and commercials. His feature film and television series credits include, Secretariat (Disney), Friday Night Lights (NBC), Day After Tomorrow (20th Century Fox), The Informers (Senator Films), A Mighty Heart (Paramount Vintage) and The Opposite Sex - Rene’s Story (Showtime).

Kenn Rabin: Lead Archivist
Kenn produces, writes, consults, and performs audiovisual archival research and third party clearances for both documentaries and feature films, subject to his availability. His credits include PBS’ Eyes on the Prize and the landmark WGBH series, Vietnam: A Television History, as well as episodes of the series The American Experience, American Masters, and Frontline; independent films such as Marlon Riggs’ Color Adjustment, Barry Levinson’s Yesterday’s Tomorrows, and Kevin Costner’s 500 Nations. His features include Sean Penn’s The Indian Runner and Gus Van Sant’s Milk. His work with George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh has been seen in Good Night, and Good Luck, The Good German, and The Men Who Stare at Goats. Rabin has been nominated for two Emmy awards, has consulted on over 200 independently-produced documentaries and features, and was the winner of a 2006 Focal International Award for Best Use of Archival Materials in a Feature. Rabin is the co-author of the Focal Press/Elsevier book, Archival Storytelling: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Finding, Using, and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music, which is currently used in over fourteen countries, as well as in graduate film and law schools around the U.S.

Michael McCann: Associate Producer
Former president of The Greyhound Project, Inc. Michael has been involved in greyhound adoption and promotion for almost 20 years. He and his wife have a house full of their own greyhounds. Michael has worked tirelessly to help raise public awareness of this extraordinary breed and to find homes for retired racers. Joining The Greyhound Project (TGP) in 1998, he was soon elected to its board of directors. In 2007 he was elected president of the organization. “A lot of adoption groups are pro-racing or anti racing. We’re pro-greyhound, pro-greyhound adoption.” Under Michael’s leadership TGP’s mission is “to get information out about greyhounds and to promote greyhound adoption.” TGP produces public service announcements, print ads, calendars and the quarterly magazine Celebrating Greyhounds. This first-class, beautifully laid-out and printed publication has won the award for the best single-breed dog magazine by the National Association of Dog Writers for the past 12 years, and is now available online. Considering his experience in greyhound adoption, we are lucky to have Michael on our team as an associate producer.